We put the right people on your

We show you the real estate agents and loan originators most likely to be great referral partners or great fits for your business. We provide data and tools to Loan Originators, their leaders, title insurance firms, and anyone who is eager and ready to grow their business in the real estate and mortgage industries.
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How it all started

Drew Waterhouse and Eric Levin were already well-known mortgage industry recruiters when they expanded their boutique recruiting agency, Hammerhouse, into a software platform. With Kirk Waldfogel and Thomas Seelbinder, they created Model Match.

Understanding the ups and downs of the mortgage industry

Model Match is local, and committed to developing for the US mortgage industry. Right alongside you. 

We’ve worked through some of the mortgage industry’s best and worst times. Like you, we learned from those experiences. As your partner, we listened to you. Then we created solutions and new efficiencies to help you grow your business and make it more robust.  

Model Match lives and breathes mortgage and tech like no other company.  So your firm can be leaner and stronger, no matter what the economy throws at you next.  

Our core values

Our mission has and always will be to drive growth and create greater efficiencies for every partner of every size. Our team stands by a code of conduct and a success for all mindset that sets us apart.

Success for all

Promote a culture of advocacy, encouragement, and maintain a community of problem-solvers

Own the mission

Take ownership and be the driver towards a solution. Always be looking forward.

Stay open

Remain open to new ideas, processes and ideals. Be open, upfront and transparent in all things

Remain as one

Bridge the team into a healthy collaborative space. What we do today helps us better plan for tomorrow.

Our executive leadership team

Kirk Waldfogel
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Drew Waterhouse
Founder, Chief Revenue Officer
Eric Levin
Founder, EVP of Client Development
Thomas Seelbinder
Head of Product
Lee Peterson
Head Solutions Architect
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