Turn your referrals into cash

Become a Model Match affiliate partner and 20% commission for every referral for an entire year!
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How to become a Model Match Affiliate

Becoming an Affiliate Partner is simple and fast.

Apply to become an Affiliate Partner

Head over to our Affiliate Partner application page and fill out the short form to apply.

Share with your network

Once accepted to become an Affiliate Partner, you'll receive your unique sign up link to share with your network. Share your unique link via social media, your newsletter, website and other channels.

Track progress & get paid

View every referral on your dashboard and track your commissions!

Who is qualified to be a Model Match affiliate?

If you're excited about Model Match and have a network of connections who would benefit from our platform, we'd love to have you as a partner.

Our affiliate partners typically range from social media influencers with a following in the Mortgage, Real Estate & Title industries to Business and Personal coaches who are helping their clients grow their referral business or expand their strategic growth initiatives.
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What are the affiliate commission rates?
You'll earn 20% recurring commission for the first 12 months for each paying customer that you refer.
How do I get paid?
That's certainly an important question! Commissions will be paid via PayPal or Direct Deposit. Alternative payout methods can also be made available!
When do I get paid?
Payments are made on the 16th of every month. For example, any commissions earned in February would be made available on March 16th.
How long are cookies tracking my referrals?
Cookies will track your referrals for 60 days. If they click your link again, a new 60 day cycle will begin.
Since customers are signing up on a monthly plan, how long do we recive commissions?
Commissions are paid for the first 12 months of your customer's lifetime value.

Ready to partner with us?

Click the button below and fill out the Affiliate Partner application. You'll be notified of your acceptance
within a week of your submission.  
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