Their pipeline is deals.
Your pipeline is them.  

Find the right loan originators, and keep them ready.

Model Match's Virtual Recruiting

Model Match Virtual Recruiting’s SDRs keep your pipeline of new loan originators active.
So you’re top-of-mind and consistently reaching out to tomorrow’s team members — even on your busiest days.

People, for a people business

Our virtual recruiting employees team keeps your best loan originator candidates in sight from our US-based offices. 

They do your outbound calling. Gently warming your candidate pipeline so when they’re ready to jump, they ask to meet you. 

And the SDR activity is fully integrated with your Model Match agent data and CRM. They operate from the same data you see.

Your virtual recruiters reach out to candidates consistently with heavy nurture as they get to know each other and consistent check ins throughout the year.  And you can see everything they did for each candidate —  calls made, notes, and scheduled next steps.
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Perfect timing is time-consuming

They’re hard to find
The best “Model Matched” candidates aren't looking for you

You need to stay on their radar
It might take months or years until they’re ready for you, and you’re ready for them

Recruiting is part of your job, but it’s never your whole job
Every day has fires to put out and people to manage — but you still need to keep the recruiting engine running

How to perfectly time your perfect timing

Let's chat

Talk to a Model Match sales executive. See how our sales development reps nurture prospects until they’re ready for a meeting with you

Let's talk criteria & value prop

Set-up your hiring criteria and the qualities that make your organization special

Boost your outreach

Talk to Model Matched candidates when the time is perfect for them - no cold calls required.
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